Proof your customsettings.ini file actually works in your Task Sequence


I was attempting to customise the OS Name within my Task Sequence but after applying the Operating System it ends up failing.


First thing to check is the SMSTS.Log which is located in a number of places throughout the delivery of the TS.  A Useful link can be found here that specifies which log to look at and when:

To tell you the truth the SMSTS.Log was reported that it failed to find the CCM Install folder.  Which i thought was plausable until i triple checked it was distributed successfully.  The last thing i remembered doing was updating the Customsettings.ini file.  So i recently modified content and redeployed the TS.  It deployed successfully albeit with the default Minnit OS name.

I recalled a useful method to implicitly test your customsettings.ini file outside of the TS.  This was quite useful as it highlighted the fact my target machine name was being modified with a OS computer name string that exceeded the required 15 characters or less.  Something wasn’t right.

So here is how you can test:

Create a batch file called Customcheck.cmd that looks like this

del C:\Customcheck\logs\VARIABLES.DAT /q
cscript ZTIGather.wsf /inifile:..”\Control\CustomSettings.ini”
“D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\tools\cmtrace.exe” c:\Customcheck\LOGS\logs\bdd.log

*You may need to create the \control folder

Run with administrative permission from the MDT scripts folder.


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