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Digital Transformation

Gone are the days of questioning whether it’s feasible to host your services in the cloud.  No matter what vertical your Digital Transformationbusiness may be Media, Telecommunications, Construction, Energy etc.  The Cloud has already catered for it.  There are a long list of customer use cases who can demonstrate this e.g. AirBNB, Slack, ASOS, BMW to name but a few.   These companies decided to run their business in a more modern and efficient way.  They burst into the markets rapidly scaling with the huge business demands.  It’s hard to think whether this would have been as successful if their infrastructure was traditionally implemented.

“Going Cloud” Is The New Normal.

Start-ups typically build their infrastructure or applications directly in the cloud with no physical presence.  This is so they can compete with the bigger organisations especially as they don’t have any of the pre-existing technical debt that more traditional organisations have.

Traditional larger organisations often have their own incentives to ‘go cloud’ as they simply struggle to compete with modern businesses.   Cloud services are compelling as it offers the ability to move quicker, fail faster, scale up and scale out!

Cloud Offers The Modern Approach

cloud table of pros

By opting for a cloud 1st approach you are taking advantage of the new way of thinking which is to ‘save on capital expense’ and adopt the new ‘operational model’ of ‘usage-based billing’.  This improves operations and reduces capital expense with the added benefit of being more efficient and more agile than traditional methods.   It’s far better to know what your spend is rather than estimate what it may be for future usage.

No need to purchase any physical tin any more.  Simply provision or de-provision services as demand requires.  With cloud you have so much more scale and agility than traditional methods.

It really depends on what your background is which determines whether your best suited to opt for a Cloud 1st approach or not.  Some systems are simply better off OnPrem for various reasons. Most customers adopt a hybrid model as they are coming from an onprem presence.  Hybrid offers you the best of both worlds.

Cloud Is A Continuous Delivery

Many IT partners perform ‘cloud deliveries’ but speaking from experience you never deliver it and that’s it.  Cloud is a continuous delivery.  Unlike traditional methods the rate of change is rapid almost under daily development.  When a cloud project is delivered it is important to ensure the appropriate functions are in place to ensure continued operations and development to enhance what is currently there.

Often cloud projects are delivered as a minimum viable product (MVP).  Very quickly the business sees the benefit and begins consuming the MVP cloud services.

MVP Pitfalls

pitfallThe problem here is that the environment often does not have the foundational pillars in place such as monitoring, management, availability or backup.  In addition, standards, governance and operational control may not have been defined or implemented.  Lastly as part of MVP project delivery there should be a section that includes operational service.  This is to ensure the environment continues to be maintained and that there are appropriate responses for specific events i.e. security.

When these areas are not considered at MVP it often leads the environment to suffer massive inconsistencies and incur huge costs.  Often organisations only realise this after many months later where the work required to remediate is quite substantial.  These areas are key to a successful delivery so it’s vital they are addressed at the early stages of MVP.


MVP Must-Haves

To consider moving your MVP delivery to the next stage you MUST have the following areas in place preferably BEFORE you add production workloads.

  • Monitoring (Security)
  • Management
  • Backup
  • Availability
  • Standards
  • Governance
  • Operational Controls
  • Desired State
  • Operational service wrapper

Of course some of these ‘Musts-haves’ may change to ‘Should-haves’ depending on the business requirement and the intention of the MVP environment.

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