Cloudmovement is the understanding that whether it’s today or tomorrow your business will inevitably span the IT cloud space.  Modernising your business to take advantage of the cloud benefits has always proven to be a step towards the future of IT strategy.  Cloudmovement are here to guide you on how to reach I.T modernisation…the right way.

We do this by guiding businesses. It really depends on where you are in ‘your cloud journey’ that determines how best we can support you. The cloud is continuously evolving as you can see from the track below:

Cloud Journey (continuous)

We can guide, we can build or we can report at any stage of your cloud journey. For a list of what we do visit our Services page.

Involve us as your Trusted Cloud Provider where we can work with you to digitally transform your business.  Quite often businesses ‘goto market’ first when searching for solutions.  Here we help by prioritising cloud native solutions first.  We focus on simplifying processes with automation resulting in cost savings, efficiency and standardisation.  A recipe required to evolve in the cloud in a controlled manner.

What makes us different?

Cloudmovement is focused on the smaller/medium sized organisations  offering reasonable/realistic fees.

We take a ‘cloud first’ approach as we are experienced with what it takes to manage and transition services to the cloud.  We have the scars and experience to simplify delivery.

With our cloud certified architects and engineers we review your current environment , provide best practice recommendations and/or implement solutions to carry your business into the new world.

Quite often small / medium sized businesses are overlooked by medium / large sized IT partners and if not their fees can be on the upper end of expensive.  Here at Cloudmovement we work on the same side as the customer with empathy that those costs don’t have to be so high to achieve the same results.

We understand the concern around ‘doing the right thing’ in terms of IT Strategy, we understand ‘cost is a factor’ and we understand you may not have the cloud experience or the resource which is why Cloudmovement exists; to cater for these exact reasons.