We are pleased to introduce the ability to export high-resolution keyframes from Azure Media Service’s Video Indexer. Whereas keyframes were previously exported in reduced resolution compared to the source video, high resolution keyframes extraction gives you original quality images and allows you to make use of the image-based artificial intelligence […]

Combine the Power of Video Indexer and Computer Vision

One of the toughest IoT quandaries is figuring out how to bake IoT into existing hardware in a secure, cost-effective way. For many customers, scrapping existing hardware investments for new IoT-enabled devices (“greenfield” installations) isn’t feasible. And retrofitting mission-critical devices that are already in service with IoT (“brownfield” installations) is […]

Azure Sphere guardian module simplifies & secures brownfield IoT

Do you need rugged, compact-sized hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) enabled servers to run your branch office and edge workloads? Do you want to modernize your applications and IoT functions with container technology? Do you want to leverage Azure's hybrid services such as backup, disaster recovery, update management, monitoring, and security compliance?  […]

Azure Stack HCI now running on HPE Edgeline EL8000

Today we are announcing the preview of a maintenance control feature for Azure Virtual Machines that gives more control to customers with highly sensitive workloads for platform maintenance. Using this feature, customers can control all impactful host updates, including rebootless updates, for up to 35 days. Azure frequently updates its […]

Introducing maintenance control for platform updates

We’re announcing the preview of Azure Spot Virtual Machines. Azure Spot Virtual Machines provide access to unused Azure compute capacity at deep discounts. Spot pricing is available on single Virtual Machines in addition to Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS). This enables you to deploy a broader variety of workloads on […]

Announcing the preview of Azure Spot Virtual Machines