For more than three decades, the researchers and practitioners that make up the high-performance computing (HPC) community will come together for their annual event. More than ten thousand strong in attendance, the global community will converge on Denver, Colorado to advance the state-of-the-art in HPC. The theme for Supercomputing ‘19 […]

New Azure HPC and partner offerings at Supercomputing 19

As a company, we work every day to empower every person on the planet to achieve more. As part of that, we’re committed to investing in IoT and intelligent edge, two technology trends accelerating ubiquitous computing and bringing unparalleled opportunity for transformation across industries. We’ve been working hard to make […]

Forrester names Microsoft a leader in Wave report for Industrial ...

This post was co-authored by Mikhail Shilkov, Software Engineer, Pulumi. Pulumi is reinventing how people build modern cloud applications, with a unique platform that combines deep systems and infrastructure innovation with elegant programming models and developer tools. We live in amazing times when people and businesses on different continents can […]

How to build globally distributed applications with Azure Cosmos DB ...

One of the most dynamic landscapes embracing Internet of Things (IoT) is the modern city. As urbanization grows, city leaders are under increasing pressure to make cities safer, accessible, sustainable, and prosperous. Underlying all these important goals is the bedrock that makes a city run: infrastructure. Whether it be water, […]

Democratizing Smart City solutions with Azure IoT Central

The Azure Container Registry team is happy to announce the preview of audit logs – one of our top items on UserVoice. In this release, we have new Azure portal and command-line interface (CLI) experiences to enable resource logs for diagnostic and audit evaluation of your registry logs. This feature […]

Azure Container Registry: Preview of diagnostic and audit logs

Over the past few years, we’ve seen significant changes in how an application is thought of and developed, especially with the adoption of containers and the move from traditional monolithic applications to microservices applications. This shift also affects how we think about modern application monitoring, now with greater adoption of […]

Improving observability of your Kubernetes deployments with Azure Monitor for ...

With reserved capacity, you get significant discounts over your on-demand costs by committing to long-term usage of a service. We are pleased to share reserved capacity offerings for the following additional services. With the addition of these services, we now support reservations for 16 services, giving you more options to […]

Save more on Azure usage—Announcing reservations for six more services

GitHub Actions make it possible to create simple yet powerful workflows to automate software compilation and delivery integrated with GitHub. These actions, defined in YAML files, allow you to trigger an automated workflow process on any GitHub event, such as code commits, creation of Pull Requests or new GitHub Releases, […]

GitHub Actions for Azure is now generally available

The Azure Container Registry (ACR) team is rolling out the preview of repository scoped role-based access control (RBAC) permissions, our top-voted item on UserVoice. In this release, we have a command-line interface (CLI) experience for you to try and provide feedback. ACR already supports several authentication options using identities that have role-based access to […]

Azure Container Registry: preview of repository-scoped permissions

We’ve just released our newest Azure Blueprints for the important US Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certification at the moderate level. FedRAMP is a key certification because cloud providers seeking to sell services to US federal government agencies must first demonstrate FedRAMP compliance. Azure and Azure Government are […]

FedRAMP Moderate Blueprints helps automate US federal agency compliance