Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are becoming more intelligent and sophisticated every day, allowing IoT devices like cameras to bridge the physical and digital worlds. The algorithms can trigger alerts and take actions automatically — from finding available parking spots and missing items in a retail store to detecting anomalies on […]

Microsoft and NVIDIA extend video analytics to the intelligent edge

Azure Machine Learning service is the first major cloud ML service to support NVIDIA’s RAPIDS, a suite of software libraries for accelerating traditional machine learning pipelines with NVIDIA GPUs. Just as GPUs revolutionized deep learning through unprecedented training and inferencing performance, RAPIDS enables traditional machine learning practitioners to unlock game-changing […]

Azure Machine Learning service now supports NVIDIA’s RAPIDS

When you are working with a database, or any other kind of software, your experience is enhanced or hindered by the tools you use to interact with it. PostgreSQL has a command line tool, psql, and it’s pretty powerful, but some people much prefer a graphical editor. Even if you […]

Azure Data Studio: An Open Source GUI Editor for Postgres

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Timescale that introduces support for TimescaleDB on Azure Database for PostgreSQL for customers building IoT and time-series workloads. TimescaleDB has a proven track record of being deployed in production in a variety of industries including oil & gas, financial services, and manufacturing. The […]

Power IoT and time-series workloads with TimescaleDB for Azure Database ...

While Azure Container Registry (ACR) supports user and headless-service account authentication, customers have expressed their requirements for limiting public endpoint access. Customers can now limit registry access within an Azure Virtual Network (VNet), as well as whitelist IP addresses and ranges for on-premises services. VNet and Firewall rules are supported […]

Azure Container Registry virtual network and Firewall rules preview support

Furthering our commitment to be the most trusted cloud for Government, today Microsoft is proud to announce two milestone achievements in support of the US Department of Defense. Information Impact Level 5 DoD Provisional Authorization by the Defense Information Systems Agency Azure Government is the first commercial cloud service to […]

Microsoft Azure Government is First Commercial Cloud to Achieve DoD ...

The world of computing goes deep and wide on working on issues related to our environment, economy, energy, and public health systems. These needs require modern, advanced solutions that were traditionally limited to a few organizations, are hard to scale, and take a long time to deliver. Microsoft Azure delivers […]

Join Microsoft at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference

Quality assurance matters to manufacturers. The reputation and bottom line of a company can be adversely affected if defective products are released. If a defect is not detected, and the flawed product is not removed early in the production process, the damage can run in the hundreds of dollars per […]

Maximize existing vision systems in quality assurance with Cognitive AI

This month’s updates include an improved “All services” view, Virtual Network Gateway overview updates, an improved DNS Zone and Load Balancer creation experience, Management Group integration into Activity Log, redesigned overview screens for certain services within Azure DB, an improved creation experience for Azure SQL Database, multiple changes to the […]

Microsoft Azure portal March 2019 update

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an ongoing journey. Three years ago, when I entered this business, the world of IoT was in its infancy. Traditional industry technology adopters understood the importance of innovation and implemented isolated solutions to address discrete business issues such as inventory management, loss prevention, logistics […]

IoT in Action: Thriving partner ecosystem key to transformation