In November 2019, we announced the preview of Azure Arc, a set of technologies that unlocks new hybrid scenarios for customers by bringing Azure services and management to any infrastructure across datacenters, edge, and multi-cloud. Based on the feedback and excitement of all the customers in the private preview, we […]

Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes preview and new ecosystem partners

During these uncertain times, building apps with agility and cost-effectiveness is more important than ever before. Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft’s NoSQL cloud database, is introducing new ways to affordably scale performance, launching features that enable rapid application development across teams, and making enterprise-grade security available to apps of any size […]

Build apps of any size or scale with Azure Cosmos ...

Welcome to Microsoft Build 2020! This all-new 48-hour digital experience is designed to help you and other developers around the world come together to solve challenges, share knowledge, and stay connected. Here we’ll cover some of our latest innovations in developer tools and cloud platform technologies—to help you code, collaborate, […]

Code, collaborate, and ship your apps from anywhere

Developers have been drivers of innovation and transformation for decades. They have pioneered innovation across countless industries and helped businesses weather tough conditions. Now, we are living in unprecedented times where organizations in every industry and sector are working to adjust to a new normal, rethinking how business is done […]

Developer Velocity: Empowering developers to fuel business performance

As AI reaches critical momentum across industries and applications, it becomes essential to ensure the safe and responsible use of AI. AI deployments are increasingly impacted by the lack of customer trust in the transparency, accountability, and fairness of these solutions. Microsoft is committed to the advancement of AI and […]

Build AI you can trust with responsible ML

What 2020 is teaching us is that the world can change in an instant. In the span of a few months, we have witnessed massive disruptions across every industry around the globe. Factories are idle, hotels are empty, and the transportation backbone that connects us all is quiet. Navigating these […]

Azure Analytics: Clarity in an instant

The global health crisis has transformed the way we work and live. Remote work has surged across industries, and the ability to scale and manage your business from anywhere has become essential. As our customers are moving beyond resolving immediate crisis needs, many are thinking about the next set of […]

Migrate to Azure: Save now, be future ready

The Azure Security Benchmark v1 was released in January 2020 and is being used by organizations to manage their security and compliance policies for their Azure workloads. We are pleased to share that you can now track and monitor your compliance with the benchmark across your Azure environment in Azure Security […]

Monitor your Azure workload compliance with Azure Security Benchmark

Today, it’s even more critical to have a data-driven culture. Analytics and AI play a pivotal role in helping businesses make insights-driven decisions—decisions to transform supply chains, develop new ways to interact with customers, and evaluate new offerings. Many organizations are turning to cloud analytics solutions to quickly create a […]

Learn how to deliver insights faster with Azure Synapse Analytics

Starting today, customers of Azure Front Door (AFD) can take advantage of new rules to further customize their AFD behavior to best meet the needs of their customers. These rules bring the specific routing needs of your customers to the forefront of application delivery on Azure Front Door, giving you […]

Announcing Azure Front Door Rules Engine in preview