Lets understand that office 365 and Azure are tied together by Azure Active Directory (Azure AD or AAD). So to manage identity you are splitting the management across Azure and Office 365. Office 365 uses the cloud-based user identity and authentication service Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to manage users. […]

Identity – Back to basics

Azure Storage should be considered as the vital building blocks for your IaaS Virtual Machine journey. Topics within Azure storage can be divided up into the following categories: Azure Blobs Azure Tables Azure Queues Azure Files This includes looking at Disks for your persistent data, Files for your SMB share needs […]

Azure Storage

There are basically two types of queues in Azure that are Azure Queues and Service Bus Queues.   Azure Queues This is the native service that exists in Azure that enables the exchange of messages between components in the cloud or onprem.  An example of a message could be triggered by […]

Azure Queues

Azure Resource and services support one or both of the deployment models and how you create, configure, and manage Azure resources is different between these two models are: Azure Resource Manager Classic Typically as a IT Pro I access the APIs indirectly by using a graphical portal in a web browser, by using […]

Azure Deployment Model