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Azure Container Registry announces dedicated data endpoints, enabling tightly scoped client firewall rules to specific registries, minimizing data exfiltration concerns. Pulling content from a registry involves two endpoints: Registry endpoint, often referred to as the login URL, used for authentication and content discovery. A command like docker pull makes […]

Azure Container Registry: Mitigating data exfiltration with dedicated data endpoints

Modern applications are increasingly built using containers, which are microservices packaged with their dependencies and configurations. For this reason, many companies are either containerizing their existing applications or creating new complex applications that are composed of multiple containers. As applications grow to span multiple containers deployed across multiple servers, operating […]

Microsoft Services is now a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

Thank you for your response to our cloud continuity blogs; many of you have told us that this information is helpful. We’re committed to providing further posts when we have additional information. Here at Microsoft, as most of our company starts the seventh week in changed professional and personal arrangements, […]

Update #3: Business continuity with Azure