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In the world of cloud database services, few things are more important to customers than having uninterrupted access to their data. In industries like online gaming and financial services that experience high transaction rates, even the smallest interruptions can potentially impact the end-user’s experience. Azure SQL Database is evergreen, meaning […]

Hot patching SQL Server Engine in Azure SQL Database

Over the past ten years, Microsoft has seen embedded IoT devices get progressively smarter and more connected, running software intelligence near the point where the data is being generated within a network. And having memory and compute capabilities at the intelligent edge solves multiple conundrums related to connectivity, bandwidth, latencies, […]

Navigating the intelligent edge: answers to top questions

Service issues are anything that could affect your availability, from outages and planned maintenance to service transitions and retirements. While rare—and getting rarer all the time, thanks to innovations in impactless maintenance and disciplines like site reliability engineering—service issues do occur, which is why service health alerting is such a […]

How to develop your service health alerting strategy

Today, Alysa Taylor, Corporate Vice President of Business Applications and Industry, announced several new AI-driven insights applications for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Powered by Azure AI, these tightly integrated AI capabilities will empower every employee in an organization to make AI real for their business today. Millions of developers and data […]

Extending the power of Azure AI to business users

Azure Files premium tier is now zone redundant! We're excited to announce the general availability of zone redundant storage (ZRS) for Azure Files premium tier. Azure Files premium tier with ZRS replication enables highly performant, highly available file services, that are built on solid-state drives (SSD). Azure Files ZRS premium […]

Azure Files premium tier gets zone redundant storage

We are pleased to share that support for HDInsight in Azure CLI is now generally available. The addition of the az hdinsight command group allows you to easily manage your HDInsight clusters using simple commands while taking advantage of all that Azure CLI has to offer, such as cross-platform support […]

HDInsight support in Azure CLI now out of preview