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Whether you’re a new student, thriving startup, or the largest enterprise, you have financial constraints, and you need to know what you’re spending, where, and how to plan for the future. Nobody wants a surprise when it comes to the bill, and this is where Azure Cost Management and Billing […]

Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – February 2021

Enterprises are increasingly defined by the applications they use and build to run their core business processes, including the customer experiences they provide. Across all sectors, we see how companies like challenger banks, online healthcare providers, e-commerce providers, and other startups are winning customers by providing new applications. The continuous […]

Automating quota management with Azure Quota REST API

As the Azure engineering team continues to deliver a rapid pace of innovation for defense customers, we’re also continuing to support Department of Defense (DoD) customers and partners in delivering new capabilities to serve mission needs. In many cases, accelerating mission workloads means forging a faster and more secure way […]

Accelerating Department of Defense mission workloads with Azure

​This blog post has been co-authored by Hiren Shah, Principal PM Manager, SAP on Azure SAP solutions power the digital enterprise core of many enterprises. As part of their digital transformation journeys, organizations are looking to migrate their mission-critical SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure to take advantage of hyperscale cloud, agility, […]

Migrate SAP systems faster with Cloud Move for Azure by ...

Azure Marketplace offers thousands of industry-leading apps and services from Microsoft and partners, certified and optimized to run on Azure. Azure Marketplace makes it easy to find, try, and buy the solutions you need confidently and quickly to drive business outcomes. Introducing private Azure Marketplace To simplify governance and deployment […]

Introducing private Azure marketplace—simplified app governance and deployment

In 2021, each month we will be releasing a monthly blog covering the webinar of the month for the low-code application development (LCAD) on Azure solution. LCAD on Azure is a new solution to demonstrate the robust development capabilities of integrating low-code Microsoft Power Apps and the Azure products you may […]

A deep dive into serverless applications on Power Apps and ...

This blog post was co-authored by Jessie Jia, Senior Program Manager The Internet is the new corporate network and the fabric that connects users, devices, and data to applications of all types. It is foundational to how organizations run their businesses, engage their customers, conduct commerce, operate their supply chain, and enable their employees to work from anywhere. However, while the Internet is highly […]

Azure Front Door enhances secure cloud CDN with intelligent threat ...

This blog post was co-authored by Sanjay Satheesh, Product Marketing Manager for Azure Automation. If you are like many of our customers running a mix of machines and applications in your on-premises datacenters or in the cloud, be it Azure or any other platform of your choice, consistent management of these resources […]

Azure Automation 2020 recap and what’s new

Accelerate big data analytics with the Spark 3.0 compatible connector for SQL Server—now in preview. We are announcing that the preview release of the Apache Spark 3.0 compatible Apache Spark Connector for SQL Server and Azure SQL, available through Maven. Open sourced in June 2020, the Apache Spark Connector for […]

Apache Spark Connector for SQL Server and Azure SQL now ...

Businesses today are building and running applications across a variety of ecosystems on-premises, in multiple clouds, and on edge. To maintain agility and ensure compliance, it’s critical to an organization’s success to effectively manage servers, applications, and data at scale—regardless of where they are located. Microsoft Azure Arc is a set of […]

Customers unify hybrid and multicloud IT operations with Azure Arc